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Jual FLIR MR160 Pocket Infrared Moisture Meter

FLIR MR160 Moisture Meter with Infrared

FLIR recently previewed their new MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter to excited onlookers at the annual Inframation conference. Part moisture meter and part thermal camera, the MR160 enables contractors and builders to identify areas of potential moisture through an infrared image, then follow up with a measurement. Rather than guessing or hunting around for the areas of highest moisture concentration, these can be located visibly then quickly tested. FLIR is quiet on pricing, but we hear it is more in line with high-end moisture meters than with thermal cameras.

Moisture Meter
FLIR is quick to point out that the MR160 is a moisture meter first and foremost. We agree with that sentiment, and would quickly add that, based on our testing, it’s a very good moisture meter. Those familiar with the FLIR MR77 will immediately note the marked similarity between the two. Yet on the MR160 the sensor pad on the back used for non-destructive testing has been enlarged, providing better measurements on thicker substrates. While most users will rely primarily on the pin-less detector technology, the meter also includes a port for attaching the included pin probe or even an optional hammer probe for penetrating deeper into questionable floors and walls.

We find the FLIR MR160 responsive and accurate. One standout was the linearity of its readings. Rather than jump immediately from a very low reading to a maximum reading, the meter had a broad spectrum of moisture tolerance. Only visibly wet surfaces triggered a full scale “100” reading. This will give users a more detailed picture of where the water damage is at its worst.

Thermal Camera
The imaging capability of the FLIR MR160 is meant to complement the functionality of the moisture meter. Powered by the impressive FLIR Lepton core, the MR160 has a resolution of 80 x 60 pixels. While not enough resolution to create clear images of the family dog, it is nonetheless a decent resolution for spotting more extensive water damage at ranges out to about 10 feet. Once water is located, the MR160 uses a laser pointer mounted overtop the thermal camera to help you better locate the area of concern, and thereby better place the meter for a moisture check.
FLIR MR160 Wet Carpet

The MR160 ice palette highlights in blue a spill on the carpet.

A novel feature of the thermal image of the MR160 is its unique “Ice” palette. Rather than the more common iron and rainbow palettes, the MR160 utilizes a palette that highlights warmer areas as a grayscale (white being hot), combined with a blue palette to highlight objects that are cooler in the image. For many users it may seem a bit odd at first, but it does give the advantage of highlighting areas that are more likely to be moisture. (The ice palette will feel more familiar to veteran users of the isotherm feature offered on some FLIR cameras.)

Thermal sensitivity of the FLIR MR160 is rated at 0.15 °C. While we might wish for better sensitivity when looking for moisture that may be lurking near ambient temperatures, for situations when there is a known moisture problem users should still be able to discern the trouble spots. The imaging temperature range is not given for the MR160, though we expect it to be similar to other Lepton products, in the neighborhood of about freezing up to around 260 °F (127 °C). The thermal camera is focus free, and uses a 51° wide angle lens to give a broad picture of the inspection area. You can be as close as 4 inches and still have the target in focus.

Upon startup, the FLIR MR160 moisture meter shows a live thermal image of the targeted area. As you scan a room and locate potential water damage, the MR160 has an excellent trick up its sleeve. Keep the target area in view on the screen, and hold down the camera button for three seconds. The laser pointer is then activated until the button is released. Upon release, the image is frozen while you place the MR160 on the area identified by the laser. When the moisture meter is in the right spot and showing a reading, then push the camera button again. The MR160 now stores the moisture reading in the upper left corner of the image that you froze while standing back. This captures the picture and moisture meter data in one combined image, providing a wealth of information for subsequent reporting or documentation for a home owner, building manager, or insurance adjuster.

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